Modern MixTape

Episode 5: Canadian Cannabis

December 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 5
Modern MixTape
Episode 5: Canadian Cannabis
Show Notes

Happy New Years Eve Mixers! We sit down with the unfiltered anonymous ‘Halo’ who gives us her take and some insider info on workplace racism within the retail cannabis industry. Straight from the source, we talk shop on Toronto Dispensaries, horrible bosses, racism,  mental health discussions regarding the workplace and what its like working the hubs prior to and during the pandemic.  Getting caught up in the raids, deaing with the open market, politics within the marijuana industry. How the government profits off the raids, laws were changed so that these actions could take place. Any government affiliate's goals are to make as much money off of us as possible, its a by product of our society, and most employers goals are to pay you as little as possible, and we are abolsutely tired of the bullshit. When the government feels the need to get involved, they syphon that mula to the gods henny. We will never go to the Ontario Cannabis Store, ran by ex-cops who used to put people away for cannabis, boy bye!  

Songs In Chronological Order:

Fool My Conscience - Giants' Nest 
Dial up the Deputy - Bonkers Beat Club
Lump Sum (Clean Version) - Xavy Rusan
She Got - Bonkers Beat Club 
Time is Ours (Clean Version) - Iso Indies
Don't Test Me - Iso Indies
Gangsta Claus - Toby Tranter
Close to U (Instrumental Version) - Katnip
Blue Hills - Yellowbase 

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